Electric Boat News in Canada

The Canadian electric boat news on this site comes from Plugboats, the Canada-based international journal of electric boats and boating. Clicking on one of the articles will take you to the Plugboats site.

Electric jetski maker Taiga taking off with $100M investment

Montreal waterways to get 15 Vision Marine electric boats

Electric boat company IPO raises over $27 million

New Niagara Falls electric ferries have set sail!

Canada approves 1st lithium-ion commercial passenger boat

Could iron and silicon be used for cheaper li-ion batteries?

New classic electric cruising boat from Canada

Lighter, less expensive lithium-ion batteries through coating

New glass battery could recharge 23,000 times

Canadian Electric Boat Co. adds new 29′ speedboat

Electric ferry news: 9 for Malta, Canada, Norway

Electric motor optimizer invests in Templar e-boats


Canadian Electric Boat and Torqeedo hit 30mph


Taiga Orca: New electric jetski shipping in 2020

A beautiful ride in a Beau Lake boat

Electric ships make Canada’s national news

It’s summer – time for electric Bumper Boats!!