This electric boat goes 56 miles an hour

Jonny Lee Tempest is an inventor, investor, retired Cirque Du Soleil Audio Engineer, certified Entertainment Electrician (ETCP-CEE) and member of MENSA.

He has owned 6 Tesla cars, has an unquenchable and insatiable thirst for doing things in new ways, and is passionate about figuring out how the future can be free of fossil fuel emissions.

Most to the point for the Electric Boat Association, he designed and built the world’s fastest pure solar electric boat. It goes 54 miles an hour and pulls a waterskier instantaneously with unmatched torque and silence. 

Jonny Lee is also the founder of Net Positive, or N+, which has built a simple piece of hardware coupled with learning piece of software that helps people worry less about their energy usage, while makring their energy usage mre efficient.

You can find out more about Net Positive and how its solutions can be applied to your need on their »» website.

But before you go, check out these videos. The first shows Jonny’s electric boat rocketing along the water (almost silently) at 56 miles per hours, 48 kilometres per hour: 90 KNOTS!.

The second shows how he went about building/adapting boat motor technology to achieve this amazing accomplishment.


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